Where Are My Emails?

Where Are My Emails?

Matthew 28:5-7

I’ve been having problems with my email. I called customer service and related my problem to them, but they didn’t believe me. They didn’t have enough faith in what I was saying. Besides, I was trying to prove a negative and I think that’s nearly impossible to do. Let me elaborate on my email problem. Over the past 2000 nights, after I fall asleep, electronic letters have floated through cyberspace, making their way to my cozy inbox. Each evening, I receive about 50-70 of these e-mailed correspondences. Of course, most of it is pure junk and some of it is obscene. But like the mailman who is always faithful in making his rounds, the emails are waiting for me in my inbox each morning. Just like death and taxes, those 50-70 emails every morning in my inbox are a guarantee…until Tuesday morning.

When I checked email Tuesday, I found five of them. That was it! Did all the spammers die overnight? I doubt it. What I had was a real problem. This morning was worse. I had only three emails. After approximately 2000 nights in a row of having 50-70 emails sent to me, now I am averaging 4 emails per night. I called customer service and found it impossible to prove a negative to them. They continually told me “You’re email program is configured correctly. Everything is working fine.” I replied with “I know it’s working fine but 90% of all the emails sent to me aren’t arriving. They’re being sent but not arriving in my inbox.” I’m surprised one of the tech support people didn’t ask me to prove it. Before one of them had a chance to ask, I suggested this was sort of like trying to prove Jesus rose from the dead. Sometimes, and that sometimes a person needs to have faith.

I had planned on writing a devotional on Jesus’ resurrection the other day after watching the Steelers come back to lead the Jacksonville Jaguars late in a playoff game. I was going to call the devo “The Greatest Comeback” and relate it to Jesus coming back to life. But if you watched the game, the Steelers kind of messed up the analogy. Nevertheless, God provided me another life experience to relate to Jesus and his resurrection. Now, here’s hoping none of you sent me an email while my service was extremely messed up.

Peace y’all,

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