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A True Story

One of our friends at church went missing. He had been gone for about three weeks during a very important time of transition. When he returned, we asked him where he had been. He said he had been in California taking care of his 94 year old father. He had fallen in the shower on a Thursday and was not found until Saturday by his neighbors. For almost three days, our friend’s father was lying in a shower, with the water running on him. He was covered with sores and its a wonder he is still alive. He had been a very active man until this accident. But the pain and injuries didn’t have to happen. They could have been prevented with a styslem like Lifestation.

I chalk it up to a miracle from God that Bob’s father is still alive. He is now being moved to Texas from California and placed in an assisted living center. I wish it was the one where we do a weekly worship, but it is right next door and we will get to meet him. He will be doing rehab for quite a while. It’s hard for him to walk after his fall.

Our prayer is this does not happen to anyone in your family or to your friends. But after visiting an assisted living center for the past four years at least once a week, we see way to many falls. Lifestation can really make a difference.

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Reasons to Choose Lifestation

There are many reasons to choose LifeStation Medical Alert System to insure your parents are safe while living alone.

  • LifeStation Has a UL-Listed Monitoring Center

  • The Medical Monitoring Center Used by Lifestation is in-house and not outsourced to a foreign country.

  • The Lifestation Monitoring Center Employees Have 6 Weeks of Classroom Training

  • Lifestation is Simple. Setup in Less Than 5 Minutes

  • Lifestation Pendants are Waterproof

  • Pay for Lifestation with a Month to Month Agreement

  • and much much more ….

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    With a company like Lifestation and their medical alert system and medical alert pendants, there is no reason why your parent should suffer a tragic fall and be stranded in their home alone for days. You have nothing to lose by requesting a free brochure today.

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A Life Saving Example



Chen Si looked down, tears flooding his soul as the man fell from his grasp. 100 meters below, in the bone chilling water of the Yangtzee River, the man was certain to die. What would cause a man to do such a thing? Not the man who decided to jump, but Chen Si, a manager of a transportation company who dedicates his weekends searching for lost souls on the Nanjing Bridge in order to prevent them from jumping.  

In China, suicide is the leading cause of death among 15-34 year old men. The Nanjing Bridge has been nicknamed the “suicide bridge” because of the certainty of death after one jumps over its railing. This notoriety has come about because there has been an increase in the amount of people using it as a jumping spot over the past few years.It was a little over three years ago, when Chen Si watched a news report about a man on a bridge in another city. That man wanted to end his life and was encouraged to jump by onlookers. Chen Si says his heart hurt after watching that news report. He felt sorry for the situation but he also set out to do something about this terrible problem. Chen Si decided to patrol the local jumping spot.

Chen Si easily identifies those wanting to end their lives. “A person walks without spirit.” he said in a 2004 New York Times article. He has talked many of these spiritless people out of suicide; those are the easy ones. He has had to tackle others to stop them from jumping. As noted above, there have been a few times a jumper in his grasp has fallen to the freezing waters of the Yangtze River. Despite those heartwrenching experiences, Chen Si has never given up his mission. I commend him for that. I probably would have given up as soon as one person fell from my grasp to their death.

Mission Completed, right?

Preventing suicide is enough for some, but that is an incomplete mission according to Chen Si. Chen Si says there has to be more than just stopping someone from jumping. In Louisa Lim’s National Public Radio story, Chen Si stated “When I save people, I don’t want to just cheat them into living another day.” By that, he means he will not save someone from death and send them on their way. Chen Si helps change life circumstances. He wants to change whatever hurt and pain that exists in the lives of those he saves. Not only that, some of those he has saved, have gone on to help him save others. In addition to saving others, he is reproducing himself. Chen Si and his actions are a great lesson for Christians.

Chen Si not only works on a bridge, he is building a bridge for every person he saves. He takes people where they are at, and helps them span the pain and despair that lies in the river of life before them. He helps spiritless people cross over to the other side where a new life exists. Chen Si does this at great expense to himself, not just financially, but emotionally too. People all over his province have heard about his ability to give hope. His cell phone rings at all times of the night. In addition to his life saving duties on Saturdays and Sundays, he feels the pressure of giving hope to those he can’t even meet. This takes a toll on his marriage as his wife and child do not like his hope giving work. The pressure also takes a toll on his health. Chen Si now chain smokes. Chen Si needs help to keep his mission going.

An Inspiration to Others

I’ve read about Chen Si in news reports on National Public Radio and in the New York Times. Those are not places where a Chinese national would announce his allegiance to Christ. So, he may or may not be a Christian. Whether he is or isn’t a Christian, Chen Si does God’s will by helping restore relationships and broken lives. He may do more good than the average Christian. Whether or not Chen Si is a Christian. I want to stand by him, prayerfully, financially, and maybe one day physically. If he isn’t a Christian, he should be connected to Christians. Many of us have access to Christians in China. We can help him pass some of those he saves, into the hands of those who personally know the Christ who saves eternally.This would be beneficial for those people Chen Si saves, and for Chen Si himself.

This connection will not be easy, but it can be made. After a few months of searching for anyone in ministry with a connection to Nanjing, I found a man. He was a leader of a Christian group that teaches English in China who will soon have teachers in Nanjing. I wanted to connect him with Chen Si. However, his excitement for Chen Si’s work and the necessity to connect him with Chrisitians was not too strong. After explaining about Chen Si, he told me Nanjing was a big city and it would be hard to find him without current contact information. But for anyone who has Christian contacts in Nanjing and has a heart for Chen Si’s work, you already know where he will be found, the Nanjing bridge. You’ve got a picture of him above. Plus, how hard could it be to learn to say, “Where is Chen Si?” in Chinese?   

The life of Chen Si is an inspiration to many. In addition to where I’ve read his story, it has also been reported by the BBC. Each time Chen Si’s story has been reported, bloggers, poets, and others have been inspired to speak out on his behalf. Chen Si has also encouraged me to do more for others. If I see someone who needs food, drink, clothes, love or friendship; I need to offer those things. As a Christian, I’ve invited people to the church building, but what else have I done? I haven’t been so willing to get dirty by being involved in the lives of those I invite. I’ve come to learn that bridges need to be built all the way across the river. No more of this building a bridge halfway. I want to build bridges that connect people to Christ AND to a life filled with changed circumstances. I want to help eliminate hurt and pain. I may not always succeed, but I need to try.

Chen Si brilliantly reflects Jesus’ words in Matthew 25:34-41:

“Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father; take your inheritance, the kingdom prepared for you since the creation of the world. For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.’ “Then the righteous will answer him, ‘Lord, when did we see you hungry and feed you, or thirsty and give you something to drink? When did we see you a stranger and invite you in, or needing clothes and clothe you? When did we see you sick or in prison and go to visit you?’ “The King will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.’

Of course, let us invite people to church and study the Bible with them. However, it’s oftentimes better to just be the church to those who need help. Life can be very painful. Let us provide for those physical and emotional needs that often help make life less difficult. It’s not going to be easy. Chen Si knows that, but he still keeps on going.



The Myth of a Giftless Christmas

The Myth of a Giftless Christmas
James 4:14

A big shout of thanks go out to Jesus, Rick Warren and Hugh Hewitt

There's Always Gifts at Christmas. Sometimes we just have to look a bit harder to find them.

The other day I had to admit to my son that we probably couldn’t get him any gifts this Christmas. We may not even get a tree. But my son knows about the true meaning of why Christmas is celebrated. It’s about the birth of Jesus, even though scholars debate when Jesus was actually born.


Of course, my son wasn’t very happy. The one thing he doesn’t know is that Christmas came early to our house. It’s sort of like a Footprints poem moment. It happened Saturday December 10th at 1:57 a.m. God saved the lives of my son, my wife and myself. I was still awake, listening to Hugh Hewitt interview Rick Warren on KSKY-660AM. As always, the inquisitive nature of Mr. Hewitt made the interview worth my while and kept me up while I worked on my devotional/free sermon illustration website when all of a sudden, I heard a poof.

Not having enough money to use our central heat, we occasionally use a space heater. I looked toward that poof and there was a flame inside the heater. I said a word I never ever never say and I rushed over, huffing and puffing until I blew it out. I then took the space heater outside away from the house.

Since I was awake, this was really no big deal, but it was and still is unsettling to think what would’ve happened if I had been sound asleep. Our family could have been news fodder for two or three days, “Irving Family Dies in Space Heater Fire,” and then another poof, the mist of our life would vanish.

I have tried to figure out something to do for our son for Christmas. I have not yet told him about how God saved our lives to allow us to live another day. I haven’t told him that he can now become anything he wants and that possibly all of our dreams could still come true. I figure I can tell him how blessed he is, and do so on Christmas morning. But I think that would be better said by others. He may pay more attention to your words than mine.

Please leave a comment for my son about the plans God has for him or about how life or a second chance at life is a wonderful gift. I’d like to get as many comments as possible for him. By the way, his name is Zeke.

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Thank you very much and have a very Merry Christmas.

Yours in Christ,
Brian Humek

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Really Loving God

Really Loving God
2nd Samuel 11

King David was blessed by God in many ways. He praised the Lord in his prayers. But David was not always walking his talk. His actions didn’t always match his words. We think of one troubling time for David when he was overcome by sin and committed more sin to cover up deceit. The story of King David and Bathsheba is known by so many. I too find myself praising God and sometimes not acting in the most Christian of ways. I may not be staring at a scantily clad woman next door, and seducing her like King David did, but I sin nonetheless.

Often, in my public prayers, I thank God for loving us and giving us everything we need. We don’t deserve His love, but I plead for his help in our lives so we can at least act like we deserve a little of what he provides. I think it is extremely important that we not just say we love God, but to actually show it to Him in our words and actions. There have been too many times in my life when I’ve kneeled down to say my bedtime prayers with my bride, confessed my love to God, then felt guilty because I know I had not walked my talk that day. I felt bad because I knew I had not shown God my love that day with my words and actions.

Like any life, the Christian life has its ups and downs. Our spirituality ebbs and flows like the waves of an ocean. Sometimes, I wouldn’t mind exchanging those ebbs and flows for a nice still stream. I’d at least have more consistency that way, albeit, without the wonderful highs. The longer I live, the more I learn. I praise God for the past week when my Christian life has been at higher highs and the lows seem to have been more like mediums. Lots of time in prayer has helped me this week. I distinctly remember the feeling of peace I had during one of our nightly prayers after I told God how much I loved him. I arose from the floor feeling refreshed; I think it was due to the extreme amount of honesty I had brought before the Lord. I had said I loved Him, and this evening, I knew my actions during the day matched my prayer. There’s just something to be said when our words match our actions. I constantly recommend authenticity when it comes to human relationships, but a little authenticity with God is a good thing too.

In Christ y’all,

Below are some interesting books on being authentic. If you’re a reader, check them out if you have time.


God’s Outrageous Claims

Being Honest with God and Others Book

Authenticity: Being Honest with God and Others

This book by Gold Medallion award-winning author Lee Strobel helps you discover how to grow in virtue, relate to others with authenticity, and make a real difference in the midst of a culture that’s unraveling at the seams. Discover the joys of authentic Christianity. God wants you to enjoy close relationships with other believers and with Himself Relationships that are honest and open, where you can share your successes and failures and remain confident of being loved. Deep rich relationships based on an authentic Christian life.
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