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God loves us a lot. This category features devos which focus on this attribute of God. He is Love.

Where Are My Emails?

Where Are My Emails? Matthew 28:5-7 I’ve been having problems with my email. I called customer service and related my problem to them, but they didn’t believe me. [..]

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Are We Terrible People?

Romans 5:18-19 Ezekiel 18 Luke 23:50 I’ve been hanging around some folks who think we are terrible people. They say there is no good in us at all. [..]

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Lord, Show Me What to Do

Lord, Show Me What to Do Psalm 143:8 I’ve been allowing God to guide me. He has pointed me in directions I wasn’t even considering. This happens when [..]

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Thirst Jeremiah 2:13 If I’m thirsty, I usually go somewhere I can get a drink. That only makes sense, huh? An unnatural response to thirst is to go [..]

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