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Lifestation – Saving the Lives of Seniors

To help our ministry continue, we feature high quality sponsors such as Lifestation, the medical alert system which saves lives. . CLICK HERE to get more information on [..]

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A Life Saving Example

    Chen Si looked down, tears flooding his soul as the man fell from his grasp. 100 meters below, in the bone chilling water of the Yangtzee River, the man [..]


The Myth of a Giftless Christmas

The Myth of a Giftless Christmas James 4:14 A big shout of thanks go out to Jesus, Rick Warren and Hugh Hewitt The other day I had to [..]

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Really Loving God

Really Loving God 2nd Samuel 11 King David was blessed by God in many ways. He praised the Lord in his prayers. But David was not always walking [..]

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