A brief history of Devotionals and More

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The devotionals, free church bulletin articles, and sermon illustrations found here are a collection of what I have written over the past six years.

I began sending out a devotional to friends and family in 2005. A church member at the North Irving Church of Christ inspired me to do so. She suggested the church send out a devotional thought similar to one sent out by the pastor of the Irving Bible Church, a very large church in Irving. I decided to take her up on the challenge.

My emailed devotional thoughts began as “Today’s Devotional Tidbit.” Over the years the name has alternated between the original and “The Heartland Devotional,” “A Zach’s House Devo,” “Open Hearts and Open Doors Devo,” and “Open Hearts Devo.”

My devos and free church bulletin articles have been emailed to friends, family, Church of Christ ministers, Christian Church ministers, Methodist Pastors in PA, IA, TX and OK, and Baptist Ministers and missionaries.

The email devotionals I have sent out have been used as free church bulletin articles in congregations in 10 states, used in morning church staff meetings and used as sermon illustrations.

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Each devotional and free church bulletin article is sent to you with a request for any prayer concerns. My son and I earnestly pray for each prayer request that is sent our way. Of course, my son only participates if it is an age appropriate need and if you prayer need is private, my eyes are the only ones to see it.

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